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Walmart Connect's partner network gets creative

Self-serve advertisers will be able to access five firms to optimize creative on Walmart's retail media network.

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The Walmart ecommerce app. (Courtesy photo)

Walmart Connect is expanding the self-serve tools offered through its partnership ecosystem.

The retail media platform provides access to a number of firms that can help advertisers as they seek growth and support. Now, that ecosystem will operate under the banner of the Walmart Connect Partner Network, Walmart said.

The latest expansion comes in the area of creative, which describes the content and design of the ad itself. A group of firms that focus on optimizing ad creative will now be available to Walmart Connect self-serve partners. Walmart said this will become more important as it continues to roll out new ad experiences.

“Ad creative plays a critical role in ad campaign effectiveness. But we understand it can be challenging for self-serve advertisers – particularly smaller businesses – to get the support they need for their ad creative, especially as our self-serve ad formats evolve,” wrote Diana Finster, head of agency and technology partnerships for Walmart Connect, in a blog post announcing the news. “Those challenges might be creating content, iterating creative based on performance, or even just understanding best practices for the Walmart customer.”

Creative partners include VidMob, WhyteSpyder, Kaizen Ad, It’ and The Mars Agency.

They will combine managed services and technology to provide the following:

  • Item setup and detail page optimization for Sponsored Search campaigns.
  • Video creation and editing, for media such as Sponsored Videos.
  • Display content support across placements and formats

The Walmart Connect Partner Network also includes a number of other firms that can be accessed by suppliers and sellers as they seek to grow advertising. Walmart Connect outlined the following groups of partners:

Solution Partners: 19 API partners are available to help scale, automate, and optimize search campaigns. Most recently, Helium10 joined this group. Creative Partners will also be a part of the Solution Partners cohort.

Service Partners: More than 80 agencies help Walmart advertisers plan, buy and optimize media.

Technology Partners: Offsite placements are available through Meta and Pinterest. Walmart Connect also partnered with The Trade Desk to create a standalone demand-side platform called the Walmart DSP.
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