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5 upgrades Amazon Ads announced at IAB Newfronts

Amazon DSP, Thursday Night Football and live shopping are adding capabilities.

Amazon Thursday Night Football halftime show

Thursday Night Football is getting an advertising upgrade. (Courtesy photo)

Advertisers were rolling out their latest updates at IAB Newfronts on Monday, as the digital content marketplace gathered media buyers in New York.

That included Amazon, which has an increasingly widening inventory and broader capabilities in targeting and measurement across commerce channels and content such as Thursday Night Football.

From the stage, Amazon Ads shared several updates across its products. Here are the highlights:

Shopping live: Amazon Live is moving beyond influencers. The live shopping platform will now produce shoppable livestreaming content with publishers and media brands. This will allow viewers to shop for more products while watching content. One example is already live via shoppable content from Tastemade and Struggle meals. Revolt, which is run by Sean “Diddy” Combs, will also debut shoppable content later in May.

Streaming measurement: VideoAmp and iSpot were named streaming TV measurement providers for Amazon, bringing cross-screen capabilities that complement Amazon’s first-party measurement.

Audiences in the Cloud: Amazon Marketing Cloud said it will roll out a feature called Audiences worldwide. This allows brands to create and update Amazon DSP audiences with AMC, which is a privacy-safe space for advertisers to bring together and analyze data.

Thursday Night Football segmenting: When the new season of Thursday Night Football debuts in the fall, advertisers will be able to segment audiences to provide relevant content based on geography, demographics and behavioral signals. “For example, an automotive brand could run a sports-car ad to a younger-adult audience, an SUV spot to a sports and outdoors audience, and an overarching brand spot to all other Thursday Night Football viewers—all simultaneously within the same 30-second ad position,” Amazon writes.

Omnichannel metrics are set to expand beyond CPG to categories including auto, softline and hardline. This is designed to provide more tools to plan and measure campaigns across Amazon and third-party retailers.

One more from DSP: Ahead of Newfronts, Amazon also shared that its demand-side platform is now using more advanced machine learning models and optimized campaign control systems. Called Amazon DSP, this advertising technology helps advertisers programmatically buy ads on Amazon, and beyond. At a time when third-party cookies are falling out of favor, Amazon DSP counts the first-party environment of Amazon as the base for algorithmic buying. The new upgrades will help to improve bidding and pacing decisions. Amazon said it’s a move to help advertisers reach “previously unaddressable audiences.”

“We know that every percentage point of improvement counts to advertisers, and these new upgrades have helped increase engagement and return on ad spend,” said Neal Richter, director of Amazon DSP Technology, in a statement. “We’re excited to introduce these enhancements at a time when brands are especially focused on improving cost-efficiency and delivering results.”

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