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Tommy Hilfiger goes cross-platform with metaverse hub

In time for Metaverse Fashion Week, Emperia is allowing the brand to move across five platforms.

TH hub

The Tommy Hilfiger monogram in the metaverse. (Courtesy photo)

Many brands are launching in the metaverse. Tommy Hilfiger is already moving across the metaverse.

The premium lifestyle brand is debuting a multi-metaverse hub that creates a unified presence on platforms including Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial, DressX and Ready Player Me.

Timed with this year’s Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week, the hub is powered by Emperia.

Where many brands launch in a single platform, Tommy Hilfiger is effectively bringing its metaverse launch to many platforms at once.

The activation will feature a structure with the “TH” monogram on each platform. This creates a unified brand experience, even as users will be able to move between the metaverse platforms, and the Tommy Hilfiger website.

Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger on Roblox. (Courtesy photo)

On each platform, the hub will offer four exclusive items, including the Tommy Hilfiger Varsity Jacket. These items will be presented in different representations to suit each platform. They will also be available in physical form through Tommy Hilfiger’s ecommerce platform at the Emperia hub, and digital form through the DressX digital fashion platform and Ready Player Me. In a move designed to multiple potential options, the digital form can be used in various games and digital environments.

“Our work with Tommy Hilfiger and the PVH Group signals the industry’s movement towards collaboration, with the idea of leveraging each technology vendor’s own unique traits and capabilities, under the umbrella of Emperia’s virtual environments, connecting all solutions end-to-end, while enhancing and streamlining user experience and creating a brand-new digital retail environment which decreases usage friction and encourages a deeper brand engagement and increased shopper loyalty,” said Emperia CEO Olga Dogadkina, in a statement.

The activation shows that the metaverse is not a monolith. It describes multiple experiences moving across the digital and physical worlds, each with their own unique characteristics. Fashion that is used in one can be applied to another, and brands can plan their strategy to account for this. The ability to connect shopping physical items to the experience also shows the way for digital platforms to power real-life sales.

This is just the latest in a string of launches for Emperia following the company’s $10 million Series A. Combining software that powers a digital experience with data that provides insights on consumer behavior, Emperia has also stood up virtual stores for Pinko, Saxx, Tatcha, Bloomingdale’s and Dior, among others.
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