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The Week Ahead: Inflation, earnings and eTail

Here's a look at ecommerce happenings for Aug. 8-12.

The Week Ahead: Inflation, earnings and eTail

Welcome to a new week. Inflation will be in focus for the economy amid a busy week of ecommerce events. Here’s the agenda:


eTail: The ecommerce and omnichannel conference in Boston features leading brands and retailers, including speakers from Crocs, Best Buy, ThredUP, Lowe’s and more. Daily sessions focus on changing retail customers, and ecommerce experiences. (Aug. 8-10)

Camp Miva: Ecommerce shopping cart software Miva brings together merchants and partners in San Diego, California for learning and networking. (Aug. 10-12)

Ecommerce Day: Held at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport and streamed virtually, ecommerce.io presents speakers from brands and leading ecommerce software companies, networking and more. (Aug. 12)

Economic indicators

Consumer Price Index: The US Labor Department’s report on July inflation arrives as businesses, consumers and policymakers are looking for signs of price relief. June’s report delivered a year-over-year increase of 9.1%, which was a new 40-year high. (Aug. 10)

Producer Price Index: Also known as the wholesale inflation rate, this index measures the price of goods before they reach retailers. In June, the rate was near a record high, offering another sign inflation was still heating up. (Aug. 11)

Consumer Sentiment: The University of Michigan will deliver its preliminary report for the month on consumer attitudes and outlooks for the economy. In its final reading for July, this measure was near its lowest on record due to inflation. (Aug. 12)


Second quarter earnings reports continue this week. Here’s a look at the companies that are reporting in ecommerce and consumer goods:

Monday, August 8: Allbirds, Blue Apron

Tuesday, August 9: Ralph Lauren, Purple Innovation

Thursday, August 11: Warby Parker, Utz, Canada Goose, Flowers Foods, HanesBrands

Stories we’re following

So, no recession?: Friday’s jobs report was better than expected, as employers added 528,000 jobs in July and officially recovered all of the jobs lost during the pandemic. This was taken as a big sign that the economy is not in a recession, but it also may go down as a leading indicator that this period is rewriting economic rulebooks.

Third-party cookie demise delayed: Google announced recently that the demise of the third-party cookie will be delayed another year, to late 2024. How are brands and advertisers adjusting as a result?

What’s next for DTC? Model shifts and recent layoffs at Allbirds and Glossier signal changes are afoot at the companies that wrote the direct-to-consumer playbook. How will these companies shift, and what new models will emerge for this era?

Want to know how to spend your next $1?
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Don’t waste another dime on bloated channel reporting and vanity metrics.
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