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Shopify drops 100+ upgrades, from the Shop app to one-page checkout

Shopify Editions features deeper fulfillment integrations.

Shop app

Shopify Editions includes dev tools for the Shop app. (Courtesy photo)

Shopify dropped details on more than 100 new product releases Thursday.

The second release of Shopify Editions features upgrades to the Shop app and checkout. The Winter ‘23 Edition also aims to build deeper supply chain and fulfillment integrations, underscoring that Shopify wants to do more to help merchants not only sell products, but also deliver them.

“We need to be the fastest moving commerce company in the world because our merchants depend on Shopify’s innovation for their own longevity," said Shopify President Harley Finkelstein, in a statement. "So with this Edition, we moved quickly to offer tools that help merchants access the promise of mobile commerce, meet customer expectations for seamless checkout and fast delivery, and convert better—it’s the best version of Shopify yet, and will shape the future of entrepreneurship.”

Here’s a look at key updates:

Shop app

Shopify launched the Shop app in 2020 to provide checkout and order tracking for merchants. With the latest upgrades, the company is signaling it wants to continue to evolve the app into a more complete mobile commerce experience that is not only for checkout and post-purchase, but also discovery and browsing.

The latest offerings include:

The Shop Mini software development kit, which is designed for developers to extend the functionality of a web-based Shopify store to the Shop app.

Shop Store customizations are designed to allow merchants to create a larger owned brand presence on the app. This includes the ability to customize product collections, best sellers, reviews and branding.

Shop Cash campaigns provide Shopify Plus merchants with a way to target shoppers who use the Shop Cash rewards program with special offers. “Merchants only pay when a customer is acquired, and the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) never goes above their predetermined parameters,” Shopify writes.

Sign in with Shop: Consumes will get access to biometric passkeys, the ability to follow a merchant on Shop. Meanwhile, merchants will be able to access lead capture tools such as automatically signing in high-value shoppers and offering a personalized experience.


One-page checkout will become the default for Shopify’s checkout experience. Shopify said this is optimized based on learnings from Shop Pay. It builds on a checkout experience that frequently wins plaudits.

Checkout extensions introduced in the first Shopify Editions are already being improved. Shopify is providing a Checkout Editor to make it easier to add functionality to checkout with a drag-and-drop experience. It is also adding dev tooling, including the ability to build bespoke checkout apps.

Shop Promise

Shop Promise badge on a bowl

Shop Promise. (Courtesy photo)

As Shopify rolls out upgrades to the Shopify Fulfillment Network following the May 2022 acquisition of Deliverr, it is also introducing Shop Promise. It’s a badge that appears at checkout to guarantee two-day delivery. Now, the badge is automatically enabled for merchants that use the fulfillment network.

Shopify also introduced a new Flexport app for ocean freight booking and tracking, and a new integration with Loop Returns that allows merchants to offer instant exchanges and credits. Shopify said it also now has unified its existing fulfillment network with Deliverr to allow for data-driven inventory distribution that positions inventory close to demand.

There's lots more to discover in the release. A number of the features detailed in the Shopify Editions update were previously rolled out by the company. Take a look at past coverage:

  • POS Go: Shopify updates its point-of-sale hardware for in-person retail to provide mobility for associates and deeper connection between ecommerce and brick-and-mortar.
  • Shopify Markets Pro, which is designed for cross-border selling.
  • Shopify Collabs, which connects brands and creators in a marketplace-like experience.

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