Pattern, Mirakl provide brands with multi-marketplace opportunities

Brands on Pattern's accelerator platform will be able to access marketplaces in Mirakl's ecosystem.


Mirakl powers Macy's marketplace. (Courtesy photo)

There's a new pathway for brands to expand the number of marketplaces on which they sell.

The news: Ecommerce accelerator Pattern is joining Mirakl Connect, the ecosystem of marketplace platform Mirakl. With this tie-up, brands that work with Pattern will be able to sell on marketplaces in the Mirakl Connect network.

What do the partners bring?

Mirakl Connect includes more than 350 retailers that use Mirakl software to power third-party marketplaces, including Kroger, Belk, and Macy’s. Combined, these platforms generated $4.3 billion in gross merchandise value in 2021.

Pattern has a platform that is designed to help brands increase sales across DTC websites, online marketplaces, and other digital channels, while also managing warehousing, fulfillment and logistics. It is used by brands including Panasonic, Converse, Stance, and KONG. The platform recently crossed $1 billion in sales.

What will this partnership provide?

It’s an opportunity for brands that use Pattern to reach new audiences through marketplaces in Mirakl’s ecosystem. Pattern already allows brands to sell with marketplaces such as Amazon, Tmall, Target and Walmart. This will open up more opportunities.

It comes as third-party marketplaces, which allow brands and sellers to sell through ecommerce stores but require them to handle their own logistics, are rapidly growing as sales channels. Edge by Ascential forecasts that marketplaces are expected to account for 60% of global ecommerce by 2027, becoming the largest global retail channel.

“As the online commerce landscape continues to shift, brands need to stay nimble to be where their customers prefer to shop online. Increasingly, that means marketplaces,” said Pattern Director of Marketplaces George Hatch, in a statement. “Plugging our ecommerce acceleration platform into Mirakl Connect gives our partners access to the customer bases of the world’s most trusted retailers, while enriching the digital shelves of retailers within the network with an expanded selection of premium products.”

Retailers are standing up marketplaces as they seek to grow the assortment on already-well-trafficked ecommerce stores, which can in turn help to drive repeat buying and advantages on pricing. They also recognize opportunities to provide advertising and other services to brands who sell through marketplaces.

One recent sign of this interest is the September move by Macy’s to launch a marketplace, which is powered by Mirakl.


As marketplaces grow, brands will seek to have a presence on different sites, just like they stock their merchandise in a variety of stores. As Mirakl continues to expand the number of marketplaces on its platform, brands that work with Pattern can realize new options as they grow.

“Having a strong multi-marketplace strategy is essential to success in today’s ecommerce landscape,” said Mirakl Director of Seller Recruitment Sabreena Khan. “This partnership between Pattern and Mirakl Connect will be invaluable for every brand that wants to reach new customers, expand their ecommerce presence, and accelerate growth while protecting their brand identity.”

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