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Here are the 75 fastest-growing emerging brands on Instacart

Liquid Death, Truff and Poppi are highlighted among a host of up-and-coming CPG brands.

A Poppi can

Poppi bubbled up to #10. (Courtesy photo)

Instacart is highlighting the up-and-coming CPG brands rising up the digital shelf.

The grocery tech company compiled a list of the 75 fastest-growing emerging brands on its marketplace. The ranking was based on year-over-year sales velocity growth, and limited to certain brands based on age, sales, distribution and investment threshold.

"On this year’s list you’ll find lots of innovative options in the better-for-you category, including vegetarian meals from brands like Tattooed Chef, and allergen-free snacks from MadeGood and Love Corn, to sparkling beverages that pack a little extra punch – like a collagen boost in SkinTe and prebiotics in Poppi," Instacart writes in a blog post.

Here’s a look at the list:

  1. Slate Milk
  2. Tattooed Chef
  3. Liquid Death
  4. Snapdragon Foods
  5. MadeGood
  6. Genius Gourmet
  7. Truff
  8. Good Good
  9. Blue Sky Family Farms
  10. Poppi
  11. Mason Dixie Foods
  12. Serenity Kids
  13. Cappellos
  14. Egglife
  15. Smart Sweets
  16. Love Corn
  17. Alpha Foods
  18. SkinTe
  19. Reveal Pet Food
  20. Avaline Wine
  21. Dream Pops
  22. Impossible Foods
  23. Ripple Foods
  24. Bare Bones
  25. Lily’s Toaster Grills
  26. Momeez Choice
  27. Strong Roots
  28. Repurpose
  29. Cerebelly
  30. IQ Bar
  31. Wilde Chips
  32. NuTrail
  33. Spudsy
  34. TruFru
  35. Mighty Spark
  36. Mush Foods
  37. The New Primal
  38. That’s it.
  39. Brekki Overnight Oats
  40. Munk Pack
  41. DUDE Products
  42. Portland Pet Food Co.
  43. Roar Organic
  44. Kevin’s Natural Foods
  45. Unreal Deli
  46. Belgian Boys
  47. Ocean’s Halo
  48. Oh Snap! Pickling Co
  49. Alani Nutrition
  50. Vive Organic
  51. Flying Embers
  52. Banza
  53. Suja Juice
  54. Mike’s Hot Honey
  55. Seal the Seasons
  56. Catalina Crunch
  57. Unreal
  58. Lesser Evil Snacks
  59. Halo Top
  60. Love Beets
  61. HighKey Snacks
  62. FitCrunch
  63. Proud Source Water
  64. Gotham Greens
  65. Youtheory
  66. The Jackfruit Company
  67. Biolyte
  68. Aloha
  69. Palmini
  70. I and Love and You
  71. Daring
  73. Quinn Snacks
  74. Once Upon a Farm
  75. BEAR Snacks

The list arrives in a year in when Instacart has rolled out a number of new ad products that are designed to provide emerging brands with tools to gain visibility and increase sales on marketplace. Earlier this year, Instacart introduced display ads and rolled features that made them shoppable. This was followed by page templates that allowed brands to create shoppable destinations. A new ad-buying experience that centers marketing objectives in self-service ads also arrived this fall, alongside a new tool for promotions.

“Smaller, newer CPG brands are working hard to break into a crowded industry, find the right audience, improve awareness, and grow their distribution – all while managing limited ad budgets and competing with well-funded legacy brands,” Instacart writes in a blog post. “Over the last few years, we’ve been working with small brands to design flexible, accessible, affordable tools to amplify their products on Instacart.”

Instacart is one of the largest retail media platforms, and it’s clear that it is making room for startups looking to harness ecommmerce and marketplaces for growth.

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