Meta tests promotional ads to help lead users to deals

The Facebook and Instagram parent is also making updates to lead ads.


(Photo courtesy of Meta)

Meta is testing a new promotional ad format that are designed to help people find deals from brands.

Through this pilot, select advertisers on Facebook in the U.S. and UK will receive access to features that allow them to find, apply and manage deals. Promotions can be offered for seasonal sales, first-time purchase discounts and holiday promotions.

Meta offers this example of how it works:

“When people see an ad with a special promotion on Facebook, they can click through to claim the offer, which will automatically apply the discount code. If they don’t complete the purchase, they will receive a reminder notification before the deal ends,” the company wrote.

Meta found that 85% of shoppers seek out promotions before making a purchase. The new ads aim to make it easier to find deals, while in turn enabling brands and retailers to complete more sales. The ads also arrive at a time when consumers are more price-conscious following months of inflation and interest rate hikes that is giving way to a pullback in discretionary spending.

​Lead ad updates

As Meta learns more through testing, it will consider adding features in the coming months.

The promotional ads arrive as Meta is also making upgrades to its lead ad products. Through this update question-and-answer forms can be automatically updated based on responses.

“For example, an educational institution can ask questions, such as, “What degree are you interested in?” Based on that answer, the subsequent questions would dynamically update to guide the person to more information about a specific program,” Meta writes.

Advertisers will also be able to soon overlay Instant Forms. Users will be able to engage with rich media on business pages, then submit information with autofill capabilities for names and email addresses.

There’s also a new step that businesses can take before setting up a lead ad campaign. Businesses using Meta’s new pages experience will also be able to add a contact form to the “Contact Us” button on their Facebook page. This allows people to inquire about a business and start a conversation through Messenger.

“These questions and forms give people a more tailored discovery and consideration experience for products and services they may be interested in, and help businesses find more qualified customers,” Meta wrote.

The updates come a week after Meta rolled out a new AI Sandbox that will allow the Facebook and Instagram parent to test generative AI features for advertising.

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