DoorDash will deliver office supplies

The on-demand marketplace is partnering with Office Depot.

gray scissor with envelope and pencils

DoorDash is delivering office supplies.

DoorDash is teaming with Office Depot to offer on-demand delivery on business and educational supplies.

The companies will offer the delivery service in areas that are in proximity with more than 1,000 Office Depot and Office Max locations nationwide.

It marks an expansion into delivery of office supplies for DoorDash, which started primarily as a food delivery platform.

“As we continue to expand into new categories to meet consumers’ need for convenience, we are thrilled to add Office Depot as our premier office and business and learning solutions retailer on the DoorDash platform,” said Shanna Prevé, VP of business development at DoorDash, in a statement. “Whether working from home, the office, or a hybrid of the two, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the office supplies and essentials they need are available for on-demand delivery at the tap of a button.”

As retailers are embracing ordering and fulfillment from existing stores, it's a sign of how partnerships can be one route to solving for last-mile delivery.

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