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Meet the first indie retail media network

IGA, Ideal partner to bring together data from thousands of stores.

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Independent retailers will have an avenue to offer advertising through their ecommerce marketplaces, thanks to a new partnership.

The news: The Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) and Ideal are partnering to create a retail media network that will bring together data and advertising from thousands of stores on a new platform. While housed within the chain IGA, the network will be available at no cost to all independent retailers.

How it works:

Ad placements will be offered both on-platform and off-platform.

CPG ads are co-branded with stores. These attract shoppers to digital circulars, which in turn drives traffic to a store.

Target audiences can be chosen across multiple retailers,

Additional features include savings, informational videos, sweepstakes, recipes and nutritional tips. These are designed to lift grocery shopper engagement, store traffic, and sales.

Measurement and reporting will include in-store traffic, ROAS, basket size, category growth and more. Measurement will cover from the first impression to the in-store purchase.

Key quote from IGA CEO John Ross: “When brands go to invest their media dollars, there is no reason for independent retailers to be left out. Already IGA and Ideal have one of the largest media properties in the United States, and we have proven that brand and shopper marketing teams at big brands want to invest in our stores. The Ideal network takes it to a whole new level, combining the negotiating power of thousands more independents to challenge anything national grocery chains offer.”

What it says about marketplaces and advertising

Rise of retail media: The ability to offer advertising on ecommerce marketplaces is changing the equation for CPG brands and retailers alike. Retail media networks that allow brands to place ads on grocery marketplaces use first-party data collected at the purchase level. This is particularly valuable at a time when privacy moves like Apple’s App Tracking Transparency are limiting advertisers’ ability to attribute sales across platforms. It has led to a massive expansion on sites from Amazon and Walmart to grocers like Kroger. Learn more.

Going indie: Retail media benefits from a critical mass of shoppers. When there is more traffic, there is more data. Targeting is more effective and that leads to more potential sales. Indie retailers may not have the high traffic of the largest retailers. However, IGA’s move to pool resources allows these grocers to access a network that brings similar advantages to those enjoyed by the giants.

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