WooCommerce sellers can now turn products into Pinterest Pins

Plus, Pinterest has a new API with shopping-specific capabilities.

Pinterest app icon in 3D.

Pinterest is becoming more shoppable. (Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash)

Pinterest is looking to make shopping a part of the experience on the social platform.

The latest evidence comes this week with a new integration with WooCommerce and an API release. Here’s a quick look at the latest news:

Pinterest for WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a new feature allowing sellers to make their products shoppable on Pinterest.

Through a partnership, the companies built Pinterest for WooCommerce. Available in the WooCommerce marketplace, the extension allows sellers to connect their store to a Pinterest business account. This automatically connects a product catalog to Pinterest, turning the items into product Pins that folks browsing the visually-inclined platform can encounter. Sellers can also take a further step to install the Pinterest tag, which will enable them to measure conversions and optimize Pinterest ads.

"WooCommerce is a critical partner to continue to grow our support for our Pinterest business community. Pinterest supports the entire shopping journey not just for Pinners, but for advertisers, merchants, and creators too. Our goal is to make it easier than ever for WooCommerce merchants to reach and convert Pinterest shoppers," said Rachel Hardy, Head of Shopping Product Marketing at Pinterest, said in a statement.

It’s another way social media is becoming more shoppable. Pinterest is primarily a platform where people browse for an idea, as 97% of searches on the platform are unbranded. Adding products to the mix could help brands reach some of Pinterest's 400 million monthly users when they are in that discovery phase.

For Pinterest, it’s a further move into shopping that provides a direct link to the 3 million sellers who use WooCommerce, which is the open source ecommerce platform built on WordPress.

The partnership comes at a time when Pinterest is taking a series of steps to add more ecommerce features, including in-app checkout tools and a customized shopping page for users called “Your Shop.” It has a similar partnership with Shopify allowing sellers to add products as Pins.

“We are trying to make every piece of content on Pinterest the starting point for a shopping journey,” Dan Lurie, Head of Product for Shopping at Pinterest, told Retail TouchPoints in December.

API for Shopping

This week, Pinterest also launched the Pinterest API (v5) for developers. This release includes the Pinterest API for Shopping, which opens up tools to technologists working with brands and retailers. Now, the API allows developers to manage product catalog items. A version in beta allows developers to manage a catalog feed. Later in 2022, the company will release a tool that allows developers to create and update promoted catalog product groups.

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