Amazon Marketing Cloud adds Sponsored Brands signals

In Amazon's clean room, advertisers just got access to signals from an additional ad type.

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Amazon Marketing Cloud is adding new signals from Sponsored Brands for advertisers seeking to gain insights that sharpen their media strategy on America’s largest ecommerce platform, and beyond.

Amazon Marketing Cloud, also known as AMC, is Amazon’s privacy-safe data clean room solution. This is a cloud-based space where advertisers can perform analytics across different signals, including those off Amazon, without having to share identifying data about customers or their business.

AMC announced that it will now feature Sponsored Brands signals, which provide data from Amazon’s customizable CPC ads that feature a brand logo and multiple products. Amazon will provide engagement and conversion signals for this ad type.

This addition will allow advertisers to more holistically measure impact of sponsored ad investments, perform cross-media attribution and gain a more thorough understanding of the customer journey over a year, Amazon said.

Amazon is also adding analytic dimensions like keywords, search terms and ad placements with this launch.

Examples of analyses that can be performed with this capability include audience reach analysis, keyword analysis, audience reach attribution and path to conversation.

What does it mean for advertisers?

First party data signals: With the privacy-oriented shifts taking place in digital marketing, first-party data obtained directly from purchases and loyalty programs is becoming a key building block of advertising. But the missing piece is often the ability to perform analysis on what worked with one audience that can help reach the next audience. Facebook rose to prominence in part because of its targeting technology, but it also had an unparalleled understanding of what converted and ability to segment potential buyers into very specific groups. With the rise of retail media, first party data collected directly from retailers at a purchase holds the promise of unlocking the same powerful capabilities, but the sharing of data across platforms that is a key attribute of such advantages carry competitive and privacy risks. Clean room solutions allow such analytics to be performed on data collected from multiple ad sources,

AMC growth: Amazon Marketing Cloud has grown quickly over the last two years, and is gaining importance in the ecosystem. It combines the clean room approach with the ability to access data from Amazon Ads, which is the largest retail media network. This release continues a wave of expansion of AMC’s capabilities. In October, Amazon added Sponsored Display and digital subscription signals. AMC also features signals from Sponsored Products, Amazon DSP and Sizmek Ad Suite. The ecosystem around Amazon Marketing Cloud is also growing quickly, as agencies, tool providers, system integrators and software companies seek to help advertisers use the capabilities of this solution to their fullest.

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