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Shopify Unite

Shopify Unite

What: The event series from Shopify focuses on connecting commerce developers through a series of events. A series of localized events will feature two days of sessions led by Shopify.

Here are the dates and cities for Shopify Unite 2022:

  • Toronto: Evergreen Brick Works, Oct. 12-13
  • London: Tobacco Dock, Sept. 12-13
  • Melbourne: The Timber Yard, Oct. 26-27

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Seeing in-person shopping growth, Shopify updates POS hardware

POS Go aims to allow retailers to offer checkout from anywhere in a store, and connect online and in-store shopping.

Seeing in-person shopping growth, Shopify updates POS hardware

Shopify POS Go in action. (Screenshots via Shopify)

Shopify has new hardware for brick-and-mortar retailers at a time when in-person shopping is returning in force.

The news: Shopify announced the launch of POS Go, a point-of-sale system that facilitates in-person sales. It’s the latest generation of mobile hardware that Shopify makes available to merchants who sell inside stores.

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